Thursday, July 1, 2010


It's been quite sometime now that I haven't posted any blog. The few weeks for me had been a marathon of completing paper works. Yes, I'm outside the country now, working. I thought I will be confine for the rest of my life in our beloved mother country. But no, God is good and I stand corrected. I am worthy of a miracle after all. We all are. To him I am the same like anybody. A part of his enormous love to mankind.
I will continue this blog soon... I just need to go back to work for now. I love you LORD!


  1. I'm happy for you... =) stay strong!

  2. hey keep in touch and i will see you soon

  3. hi. i'm including you in my blogroll. i hope it's ok...

  4. Hi,

    I stumbled upon your blog when I was wilfing and I am quite overwhelmed to know you're too far despite your status.

    I am also a PLHIV and my status 'forced' me to quit work since October. I made a deal with myself that I will just rest until the first quarter of this year but look, I am still jobless up to now.

    Thailand and Malaysia had been giving me offers but with the former, there were glitches on the company contract (and I am still put on hold) while in the latter, they don't just admit PLHIV expats (which I only knew when I did the work permit application).

    With this, I am now desperate to hitting the road again. I was just wondering if you could help me at some point. I would definitely do anything, even beyond my comfort zone just to be back on the workforce. I haven't tried doing any customer-focused jobs before but I won't really mind. Would you care to help me plan out my dream? I used to be the breadwinner but I am just desperate for being idle for so long.

    I know what I am asking is you too much. But, please do help me.

    Congratulations and hope you're happy and strong out there!


    Mr. Y (hey_you_andrei48 at y!)