Sunday, May 23, 2010


Hi there. Let me start by saying I'm HIV positive. I'm still having trouble accepting it though. (well, it's just a month ago that I've found out about it, so hope you understand.) As me and sister were saying, "this is the kind of stuff that you just watch from a distance but never thought could happen to you or your love ones." Maybe this is also the reason why I'm doing this blog, so I can make the first step towards acceptance of this new life. I need to release in a way all the emotions and thoughts that are running through my mind.

One of these thoughts that keeps on lingering is the word ACCEPTANCE. People always say it, " You cannot go any further if there is no acceptance of who and what you are." But what really is the meaning of word "acceptance"? According to Webster's dictionary it is the act of accepting with approval or a favorable reception. Well, it wasn't really in my case, I cannot say hurray I have HIV thank you doc! Let's try another definition; it is the act of taking something that is offered. Wow! another insult for me hehehe. We'll if only I knew that besides the offers or let me say seductions done towards me that later would cause my world to turn upside down, then I would definitely decline that offer of a short-lived ecstasy.

One definition of this word that I can accept is this; A disposition to tolerate or accept people or situations. Since it's hard for me to face the fact that I'm no longer Superman, but I also need to remind myself that I did make a lot of not so wise decisions that lead me to where I am right now. So I have submitted myself with a good grace and with GOD's help a life of POSITIVITY .


  1. Been there a few months back. Stay strong & keep in touch. I'm pretty new here too.

  2. @ Green Xuanya: thanks man! hope we can meet and talk someday. I need to have a pozzie friend.

  3. Hey, I a newbie too. I just found out I have HIV last month. I can be a good friend to you. I need a pozzie friend or a few pozzie friends too. I want to be with people who embraces life and wants to stay alive and live life just as much as I do.

    We all have choices, lots of it... In living this life as HIV+s. Some stopped living the day they were diagnosed; they are like zombies just existing from day to day, others live in hate, others live in fear, others live in the dark, I chose to be alive.

    I want to do a lot more things, I still have dreams to fulfill, and wounds to heal... Those are what drives me to exert efforts to live longer, to stay alive.

    I have never appreciated life as before, now that I am HIV+ and I know my life on this world is consciously shorter than most people. I embrace being alive.

    @Green Xuanya: I posted almost the same comment as I gave Braveheart, I read your blogs one after the other. So I probably have the same message to you both.

    Stay alive you two! I hope you guys keep in touch.

    my email:

  4. :-) Very brave, Braveheart. :-)

  5. @canonista: thank you man for your uplifting words. appreciate it. I can tell you have a good soul just like me hehehe. Hope we can meet and talk as well about life and stuff, besides being a pozz. I've accepted na rin kasi that I have this virus for life but that does'nt mean it will control my life. I have go on with my journey but the difference now is that I'm my taking the dark road with a bright light... What's your email add? add mo ko sa YM

  6. @PinoyPoz & Trese: Thank you guyz! I thought I can never carry this cross. But I was wrong...